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AFCNA currently has over 1,500 members. A sustained growth in membership is needed in order to meet our goals and support our mission of “Providing professional, literature based routine foot care to allow our clients to live healthy, active lives”  Membership growth mostly takes place at the local chapter level. That is why it is so important to grow our membership to assure continuity of protocols and training requirements for foot care nurses Nationwide.
As an AFCNA Chapter Leader, you have an opportunity to:
• Represent AFCNA at the local level and at National events.
• Help organize events and activities for your local members.
• Monitor the growth of the local AFCNA membership and report changes to the AFCNA National Office.
• Participate in conference calls and meetings for Chapter Leader.
If you’d like to build a AFCNA Chapter at your facility or become a Chapter Leader for an existing AFCNA Chapter, please contact the AFCNA National Office DrJulia@AFCNA.org
We are eager to hear from you. Together, we will continue to grow active AFCNA Chapters across the country!


AFCNA is a dynamic professional nursing organization dedicated to the mission of caring for our wonderful seniors and supporting the education, research, and scholarly endeavors of Foot Care   nurses.

Joining AFCNA provides outstanding networking opportunities, education and CEUs,current information on legislation affecting nurses, and most of all, membership in a group of dedicated to Foot Care Nurses who understand and support what you do and why you do it every day.

Membership Benefits Include:

AFCNA Website: www.AFCNA.org

AFCNA’s website is a place where you can find up-to-date information on AFCNA’s many programs and activities, including:

  • AFCNA Educational Webinars.
  • AFCNA position papers.
  • How to register for the Annual and Regional Meetings.
  • How to participate in membership campaigns.
  • PowerPoint presentations from AFCNA conference speakers.
  • Contact information for AFCNA Board Members.
  • AFCNA history and a much more.

Annual National & Regional Meetings
AFCNA’s National and Regional Meetings present the opportunity for members and nonmembers to meet with colleagues across the nation, share and exchange professional ideas and experiences, and attend educational sessions with nationally recognized speakers. The meetings are also an excellent introduction to the health care industry’s latest pharmaceutical, educational and software innovations. Poster presentations offer members an opportunity to showcase initiatives at their facilities. AFCNA members receive continuing education credits (CEs) for attending these programs.

AFCNA Foot Care Nurse Certification
Certified Foot Care Specialist  C.F.C.S.
Demonstrate your dedication, training and experience to colleagues, clients and your local medical community

AFCNA Educational Webinars
Earn CEs while attending AFCNA educational webinars.

AFCNA News Electronic Newsletter
AFCNA News keeps you informed of AFCNA activities and is an excellent source of information on national health care policy, internal Foot Care issues and their effect on the nursing field.

AFCNA on-line Conversation Forum    Go to:  www.FootCareNursing.com  
Communicate with other foot care nurses Nationwide.  Discuss important topics:

  • Fees, Charges, Billing
  • Supplies, Instruments, Equipment
  • Foot Pathologies and Case Studies
  • Infection Control
  • Marketing Your Practice
  • Education, Resources, Certification
  • State Laws and Requirements
  • Insurance and Legal Issues


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