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2024 AFCNA National Conference

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Moments from the 2023 National Conference

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"Routine Foot Care"


*Podiatrists and other Physicians are traditionally the first line providers of this care. But changes in the Health Care Industry have lead to access and reimbursement issues for many who need care.  This can necessitate that services such as "Routine Foot Care" be provided by other qualified providers.

Nurses, PAs and other clinical staff are reaching out to obtain the education and training needed to fill the gap and provide this important care to Seniors and anyone in need.

*Our organization has been formed in an attempt to provide a forum for nurses and other providers of routine foot care.  This will allow communication, cooperative learning, and an increase in understanding of best practice protocols and procedures. It will help us provide the most professional and appropriate care and truly become partners with other foot care professionals.

Education Update

New Training Clinic!!

Issaquah, Washington

Here's our  new

Foot Care Training Clinic!

More space!

New Podiatry Chairs!

State of the Art Equipment

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about this training!!

Featured AFCNA International Branch

South Africa!

We are so proud of our first International Branch!!  For almost 30 years CFCS Arinda Bothe has provided much needed footcare for communities near Johannesburg, South Africa.  She contacted AFCNA several years ago and shared the challenges she was facing in gaining professional recognition for her work.  This sounds familiar to Foot Care Nurses here in the US!!!  We continue to work hard to find acceptance in the healthcare community here.  But our good work and the power in numbers helping us achieve that goal.  

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GoFundMe  Link to donate to this training program

 Find a Foot Care Provider!

If you are someone looking for a professional foot care provider -
you have come to the right place!!  

Our Members are care providers who can help you with your routine foot care. They can handle the thickest toenails and roughest calluses!!!  Our Members are not Foot Doctors -  Podiatrists.  You should visit your Doctor or Podiatrist regularly. 

But we are here to help you with your "routine" foot care needs such as thick, elongated nails and calluses. 

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Find a Foot Care Provider

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