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Foot Care Nurse

Need a Foot Care Nurse?

If you are someone looking for a professional foot care provider -
you have come to the right place!!  

Our Members are care providers who can help you with your routine foot care. They can handle the thickest toenails and roughest calluses!!!  

Our Members are not Foot Doctors -  Podiatrists.  You should visit your Doctor or Podiatrist regularly. 

But we are here to help you with your "routine" foot care needs such as thick, elongated toenails and
corns & calluses!

Click on this link 
to go to find a Foot Care
Nurse near you!

Specially Prepared!!

We are foot care providers who have joined forces to advance the practice of foot care through a collaborative and networking process for all foot care providers.  

If we come together and share our resources, our experiences and our passions, we will always provide the best care for our patients!

    Reasons to Join:
  • Members' Directory
  • Educational Programs
  • Supply Resources
  • Forums & Blogs
  • News Updates
  • CDC Infection Control
  • Video Links
  • Meeting National Standards of Excellence

    Certification represents a commitment to being involved in the changing role of the foot care nurse in treatment and healthcare standards.

    Nurses who achieve certification commit to a national foot care standard of professional competence that demonstrates their understanding of Basic and Advanced foot care in area of nursing practice.

    Foot Care Nurse Certification gives National recognition to competence in Basic and Advanced Nursing Foot Care.

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