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AFCNA International Branches & State Chapters!!!

Featured AFCNA International Branch

South Africa!

We are so proud of our first International Branch!!  For almost 30 years CFCS Arinda Bothe has provided much needed footcare for communities near Johannesburg, South Africa.  She contacted AFCNA several years ago and shared the challenges she was facing in gaining professional recognition for her work.  This sounds familiar to Foot Care Nurses here in the US!!!  We continue to work hard to find acceptance in the healthcare community here.  But our good work and the power in numbers helping us achieve that goal.  

Arinda has worked toward achieving this recognition for years without any support.  The AFCNA and its membership wanted to do whatever we could to help.  She became a member of the AFCNA Association and worked towards CFCS Certification.  As part of that process she submitted a photographic portfolio demonstrating the quality of her technique and skills.  The Certification Committee unanimously agreed that her work surpassed expectations!    She then fulfilled the remaining requirements and Arinda is now a Certified Foot Care Specialist!!!  

The first  South African  Foot Care Training Class:

Arinda's ultimate goal was to provide quality foot care training to others in South Africa. The AFCNA Mission is the same! 

After years of struggling to fulfill her mission... in April, 2022 she conducted her first training class!!  The pictures above were taken in that class.  I think we can all relate to the  excitement on the attendees' faces.  They are discovering the fulfillment that our specialty brings to providers and clients.  We'll be learning more about Arinda's efforts in future postings.  Until then... check out her training Website!