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Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

Choose Plan A or B below:

Plan "A"

Outside CE Sources

You may use certificates from CE programs that you have already taken (in the last 2 years) or that you may purchase from any source. Program topics must be relevant to the foot and lower extremity. 


Examples of acceptable topics:

(Program topics must be relevant to
the foot and lower extremity.)

  • Anatomy & physiology of the foot and lower extremity
  • Physical examination of the foot and lower extremity
  • Lower Extremity Neuro, Vascular, Derm and Musculoskeletal physical exam findings and treatment options
  • Common foot pathologies: How to diagnose and treat
  • Wound Care
  • Infection control & cross-contamination
  • Patient education regarding diabetic and "high risk" foot care
  • Other CE programs relevant to care of the feet and lower extremity


Programs formats can include:

  • Live seminars/presentations
  • Video (previously recorded) lectures
  • On-line and  Distance Learning Programs


All programs must qualify to award Nursing Continuing Education (CE).

You must attach a copy of your CE Certificate of Completion with your Application Package. 

(Program topics must be relevant to
the foot and lower extremity)

Plan "B"

Special AFCNA CE Video Offer

One of the prerequisites in the Certification process is to achieve 25 Continuing Education (CE) hours with topics that are relevant to foot care.  You can use CEs from any provider that has given applicable programs within the last 2 years.

An option or addition to CEs that you may get elsewhere, we have made arrangements to provide relevant CEs at a significantly discounted cost.


Video lessons included in this program offer:

    1. Charcot Foot & Peripheral Neuropathy
    2. Charting is Critical
    3. Edema, Lymphedema & Compression
    4. Examination and Care of the High Risk Foot
    5. Foot Care Pads - Make Your Own!
    6. Fungus Among-Us
    7. Gait Examination
    8. Infection Control in Foot Care
    9. Lower Extremity Physical Examination
    10. Minor Procedures on Feet & Nails
    11. Musculoskeletal Problems and Solutions
    12. Patient Education Resources
    13. Pedal Dermatology
    14. Routine Foot Care Case Studies
    15. Routine Visit - Care Essentials
    16. Shoes, Socks and Inserts for High Risk Feet
    17. Wound Care Fundamentals - Part One
    18. Wound Care Fundamentals - Part Two
    19. Antiseptic Options in Foot Care
    20. What's in that Cream?

      TOTAL = 31 Nursing CEs


Purchased separately this
is a $785.00 value.

     CFCS Package price - $ 275.00!!!


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