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Great News!!


  Reciprocal Certification

We are all working to improve the education and acceptance of Foot Care Nurses.
   The WOCN began their Certification (CFCN) and was the first to advance that Mission.

Nurses who have achieved the designation CFCN thru the WOCN are also pioneers and
we want to recognize their efforts and accomplishments.

Because the Prerequisites required by WOCNCB are similar to ours at AFCNA,
we will award reciprocal Certification to nurses who currently have CFCN designation. apply for Reciprocal Certification: 

1. Apply/Register at the link below.

2. Then submit the following documentation:

Hands-on Preceptor Form

CE Verification Form

CFCS Application Form

You will not be required to take the 

CFCS Certification Examination!!

(you are being credited with successful completion 
of the WOCNCB Certification examination)

Upon Approval
of the
Application Packet...


You'll receive
an email  announcing your 
new designation of

"CFCS" !!

You will then receive a mailed packet with: 

1. Your formal numbered Certificate

2. Foot Care Mission & Standards Poster

3. CFCS patches and lapel pins

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