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Foot Care Certification!

"CFCS - Certified Foot Care Specialist®"

Is available for 


Also Available:

Reciprocal Certification!!

"CFCN" to "CFCS"


If you have achieved CFCN Certification thru the WOCN

You can apply for "Reciprocal Certification" thru AFCNA!!!

Benefits of Certification

*Your Foot Care Nurse Certification credential indicates to your peers, patients, employers and to the public, that you are qualified,competent and current in a providing Nursing Foot Care

*Preparing for the Certification exam ensures your specialized knowledge and skills are current and comprehensive

*Renewing your Certification through continuous learning ensures that you stay current with best practice and guidelines

*Having a trademarked certification credential after your name validates your competency in your area of nursing practice

*It validates and confirms your knowledge and skill levels in your practice as a Certified Foot Care Specialist

*Greater job opportunities as some employers list certification as a preferred qualification

*Career advancement and increased responsibilities

*Potential for salary differentials and reimbursement of certification exam costs

*Greater respect among your peers

*Formal recognition in the workplace

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Application Process

CE Video Resources

Examination Contents


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