Foot Care Nursing

Code of Ethics

The Certified Foot Care Nurse Shall:

Engage in behavior which conforms to high standards of moral, ethical and 
professional competence.

Offer services consistent with the standards of their profession; for which the
individual is competent and qualified; work within the scope bound by their
training; practice within the bounds of their state or provincial legislation.

Practice the necessary infection control standards such as universal precautions
when providing assessment and treatment; provide treatment in a clean and safe environment that follows best practices.

Inform the patient/client of the type of treatment and cost prior to the start of
the foot care treatment; what to expect from treatment; recommended follow-up care.

Provide accurate documentation and timely feedback to other members of the
healthcare team, and other interested parties in order to assure coordinated,
managed care of the patient/client.

Recognize when a patient/client presents with a condition, pathology, or exam
finding which requires advanced assessment and care outside of the Nurse’s
qualifications and/or scope of practice.

Recommend that a patient/client seek an appropriate qualified consultation when
a patient/client's condition requires further assessment or treatment by a podiatrist
or primary care health provider.

Abide by all prevailing community business standards and adhere to all federal, state
and local laws regulating business practice.

Safeguard information obtained in the course of the involvement with a patient/client
and maintain compliance with all Federal, State and Local Health Care Information
Privacy statutes and standards.

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