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Wound Care Fundamentals - Part 2 - 1.0CE Credits

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Wound Care Fundamentals - Part 2 - 1.0CE Patient Case Studies The bulk of the video will be comprised of examining various cases of real patients who have experienced foot and leg wounds and been in Dr. Overstreet's care. We'll identify slough, necrotic tissue, infected tissue, granulating tissue and epithelializing tissue, and provide ample real-life examples of each. For each care study, you'll learn about the cause of the wound, the treatment the patient was receiving at the time of first visit, the workup he received in the wound clinic. To help you become familiar with the examination process, Dr. Julia will detail every step of the patient's workup, with in-depth explanations for why the step was taken and what the resulting assessment was. Finally, you'll learn which dressing was used; why and how. Each case study also includes several post-treatment pictures and additional procedures the patient underwent while in the care of Dr. Overstreet.

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