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Wound Care Fundamentals - Part 1 - 1.5 CEs Credits

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Wound Care Fundamentals - Part 1 - 1.5 CEs This video is intended for nurses and other providers who are preparing to become certified in routine foot care, whether the goal is to switch into the field or simply add additional skills to the repertoire. This video provides 1.5 Nursing CEs. This is a downloadable video. We will send you a link for the download shortly after receiving your payment. Dr. Julia has specialized in wound care for most of her career, and many things have changed since then. Unfortunately, there's no shortage of antiquated ideas when it comes to foot, nail and wound care. As a trained nurse, you'll be able to bring accurate knowledge and evidence based treatment to patients who formerly didn't have access to professional nail care outside of the occasional visit to a podiatrist. Routine nail care administered by a trained professional will ensure that patients will receive the proper treatments they should be entitled to, in a timely manner. Once you've watched this video, you'll be able to understand why optimal wound moisture balance is important, what role complete debridement of devitalized and poorly functioning tissues play in healing, how to restore a bacterial balance and how to treat edema/lymphedema to optimize cellular function. We'll cover proper cleansing, including which products to use and when wound cleansing is necessary. We'll also provide information for the frequency of dressing changes, the impact dressing changes have on bacteria and how long each dressing should be worn. Because, as you are treating wounds, it'll be critical for you to be able to identify potentially serious issues such as infections and necrotization, we'll also provide you with in-depth information regarding the clinical appearance of wounds and how these wounds commonly occur.

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