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Examination and Care of the High Risk Foot - 2.0 CE Credits

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Examination and Care of the High Risk Foot - 2.0 CE Credits The Examination & Care of the High Risk Foot online continuing education course will help students to understand and assess exam findings with both venous and arterial diseases of the foot. As part of the overall continuing education program, this course demonstrates essential knowledge for podiatrists, foot care specialists, and nurses who assist and treat high risk patients in a clinical setting. This course comprises 2.0 Continuing Education credits Examination & Care of the High Risk Foot Video Contents Objective and subjective exam findings with venous and arterial disease Tests of peripheral vascular disease including temperature, pulses, Doppler, ankle brachial index, toe brachial index Demonstration and description of the Ankle Brachial Index, it's indications, it's interpretation and its drawbacks Subcategories of peripheral neuropathy and their effect on the patient Testing for peripheral neuropathy, including 5.07 monofilament & vibratory Other findings with peripheral neuropathy such as burning feet, their cause and possible treatment options Important skincare issues for patients with damage skin from peripheral neuropathy changes Treatment options for damaging skin changes which might result from peripheral neuropathic disease, Including macerated inner spaces, tinea pedis, heel fissures, etc. Description and evaluation of musculoskeletal deformities including, bunions, hammertoes Treatment protocols and options for pathologies resulting from musculoskeletal abnormalities Medications, padding, strapping, bracing and appliances commonly used to minimize are correct musculoskeletal deformities Evaluation and exam findings for fungal infection on toenails and skin Why lower extremity compression is importance with findings of edema or lymphedema Compression protocols and options for treating lower extremity edema and lymphedema in high risk patients

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