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Charting is Critical - 1.0 CE Credits

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Charting is Critical - 1.0 CE Credits We all know that charting is the least favorite and most important task!! But it is one of the most important efforts that create a consistent chain of care for our patients. It is very important to properly describe and discuss the results of the patient/client’s history and physical examination. You must also describe your analysis and the care that you provided. Only then can the patient’s other providers appreciate the care that you have given. They will also understand any problems that you encountered during your exam and care so that they can follow up appropriately. Finally, accurate and thorough charting facilitates insurance billing and protects us legally if a problem arises. For nurses or other providers working independently, charting is particularly important. You must chart carefully to document that you are working within your scope of practice. You also need to develop and document a plan of care to assure any reviewers of your compliance with nursing care standards. This program will go over all of these issues as well as HIPPA requirements. You will also receive resources including: examples of charting forms for routine foot care, vocabulary, and terminology worksheets. Don’t overlook this critical program. We all need to be diligent in our care documentation!!!

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