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Charcot Foot & Peripheral Neuropathy - 1.0CE Credits

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Charcot Foot & Peripheral Neuropathy - 1.0CE This is a downloadable video. We will send you a link for the download shortly after receiving your payment. A red, hot, swollen foot can mean a lot of things, but if the patient has diabetic neuropathy, these may be the first signs of Charcot foot. Charcot foot occurs as a consequence of various peripheral neuropathies, however, diabetic neuropathy is diagnosed most commonly. It will ultimately lead to the weakening of bones, which will cause the foot to collapse to create pressure points leading to ulcerations. As foot care nurses, it is our duty to be alert to all possibilities when conducting a patient assessment, in order to detect potential risk factors that could lead to a lifelong deformity and pain. As a foot care nurse, you'll become closely acquainted with peripheral neuropathy and its risk factors. Because it is so common, we frequently think of peripheral neuropathy as being directly associated with diabetes. However, risk factors for peripheral neuropathy include diabetes and alcoholism, but can also be signs of other underlying conditions such as vitamin deficiency, autoimmune disorders, viral infections and hereditary conditions. In this video, we'll talk about completing neurological assessments using sensory, reflex, and proprioception tools. When you've watched this videos, you'll be comfortable in your understanding regarding various types of neuropathy testing such as EMGs, Semmes-Weinstein and tuning forks. We'll also talk about the efficacy of over the counter supplements you can recommend as a nurse, such as vitamin D3, B12 and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Dr. Julia will talk about the research that supports or denies the claims of such common OTC meds, and will provide examples of supplements that can help patients who are experiencing neuropathy associated with certain types of conditions.

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