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CFCS - Certified Foot Care Specialist®

CFCS® is a registered trademark owned by the American Foot Care Nurses Association, 
which has the exclusive rights to use the Mark in association with the name of its professional organization and in commerce related to its services including
the awarding of Nursing Foot Care Certification Designation.


Certification by the American Foot Care Nurses Association (AFCNA®) is voluntary.
Nurses who hold AFCNA® credentials have demonstrated their commitment to and competency in foot care nursing practice by meeting stringent, predetermined
standards and passing a rigorous, comprehensive examination.

Credentialing provides formal recognition of a commitment to high standards in
foot care nursing. Certification provides formal recognition of knowledge as a foot
care nurse beyond that gained from traditional nursing education programs. 

Appropriate credentials: 

CFCS - Certified Foot Care Specialist® is a registered trademark and is awarded
based on meeting specific eligibility criteria and completion of required examination for initial certification or completion of stated requirements for recertification every 5 years. 

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